Let us handle your legacy software

Do you have trouble finding people who can maintain and further develop your legacy IT solution? Helmes has a unit of senior specialists who can successfully maintain and modernize your legacy software systems.

What we can do for companies battling their legacy software

If you want to build a new and shiny front-end but are worried about the underlying back-end systems, there is no need to rebuild the whole infrastructure. We can build new applications on top of existing ones, exposing ancient systems in a modern and appealing way to your customers.

Your financial savings will be significant: faster time to production, downtime minimized, improved reaction time to defects.

We build development pipelines that improve the maintainability and reliability of the solutions regardless of who maintains them.

Solutions we offer:
  • Maintenance of older legacy software systems
  • Moving monolithic systems to the cloud
  • Remodeling parts of a legacy system that need to be transformed
  • Infrastructure for building modern applications (mobile or web apps)